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Hangzhou Permanent Magnet Group Co., Ltd.

South Beach of 2nd Qianfiang Bridge
311231 Hangzhou

Phone: +86-571-82836163
Fax: +86-571-82696043
E-Mail: hpmgsales009@china-hpmg.com
Web: www.chinahpmg.com


Stand: 140

Hangzhou Permanent Magnet Group was founded in 1980, it is, what is known as a “National key high-tech Enterprise” involved in the research and development, production and sales of magnetic materials and devices. In short we cover every aspect.
With a registered capital of ¥100 million, HPMG covers an area of 120.000 square meters, with a total staff of 1000 including more than 250 engineers. Annual turnover in 2011 was 120 M USD and was the world’s biggest AlNiCo permanent magnet producer.
Key Figures:
• Annual output of AlNiCo magnet is 1500tons, accounting for 30% of world production.
• Annual output of sintered NdFeB is 2000 tons.
• Annual Output of sintered SmCo permanent magnet is 1000tons.
• Annually we make over a hundred million of magnetic devices.


SmCo(Samarium Cobalt) Magnets

HPMG Sintered SmCo business has been growing at a considerable speed since 2011.

NdFeB(Neodymium Ferrite Boron) Magnets

NdFeB takes up about half of HPMG business. We focus on SH, UH, and EH applications both home and abroad.

Magnetic Systems

The facility now has a brand-new face, starting with small-batch applications in cooperation with world-noted companies like R&R in motor and in technologies with Europe.

Alnico Magnets

World's largest alnico producer ever. Every single piece of alnico magnet is filledl with HPMG's glorious past and the prospect for future.


Welcome to HPMG Stand!

14.11.2013 10:30 (Continuous event)

It's the first day of CWIEME.
HPMG is going to show all ranges of the products of high quality and precision and welcome all our distinguished guests from all over the world.
Hope all the exhibitors and passers-by will enjoy the show.